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We are a community of service leaders who are passionate about social development in Southeast Asia.

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Planning, executing, and sustaining a two-week long project offer countless opportunities for project leaders to learn and grow as service leaders.

Leadership Retreat


SEALNet teams work with local students to cultivate them as local change agents.

SEALNet Model


We work with various Southeast Asian non-profit organizations and communities to identify significant issue to tackle.

Past projects

Summer Project Leaders

As summer is drawing near, we’re getting more and more excited to welcome new members to our SEALNet family – we hope you are just as excited to join us on the adventure ahead. Let’s meet this year’s Summer Project Leaders – the wonderful people who are working tirelessly to make this summer a memorable one for both you and SEALNet.

Project Brunei 2019: Youth.RISE
Project Leaders

Atiqah Rad
PhD in Vocational Education and Workforce Development at Seoul National University.

Atiqah aspires to become the bridge between grass-root youth development and the theoretical world of academia. She also aspires to put the Philosophy back in PhD – to be a thinker, above being a researcher. She is in love with Southeast Asia and a big fan of cat videos, Marvel movies and Game of Thrones. She can often be found looking at food as if it’s the love of her life.

Past SEALNet experience:
PI18 mentor

Lim Shi Mei

Shi Mei is a college graduate who is enthusiastic about developing herself and helping others while doing so. She believes that before helping other people, one must first be able to help themselves.

Past SEALNet experience:
YLS 2017 participant
PI18 core team member/mentor

Project Vietnam: Full Bottle. Fewer Bottles
Project Leaders

Jack Nguyen Lam

Jack is currently working as an English teacher and freelancer in Hanoi, Vietnam. He very much loves to spark joy in the people around him, and would like to spread this spirit to those from disadvantageous backgrounds. In his free time, Jack enjoys listening to good music and coming up with strange and exciting new ideas.

Past SEALNet experience:
PC16 mentor
PI18 mentor

Thuc-Anh Nguyen Thi

Thuc-Anh is pursuing her liberal arts education in Yonsei University, South Korea, and finds a lot of joy in studying Sustainable Development. She is exhilarated to connect the theoretical knowledge in her Developmental Field Research class with her current initiatives, and to make a substantial social impact through PV19.    

Past SEALNet experience:
PV15 Mentee
SEALNet Hanoi Club Co-founder, Former President
PC17 Mentor

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2019 Summer Projects Announcement

SEALNet Project Vietnam 2019
Full Bottle. Fewer Bottles.

Hanoi, Vietnam
July 8-21, 2019

SEALNet Project Vietnam 2019 (PV19) is a lively 2-week service leadership program that focuses on the children residing on the banks of the Red River in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project aims to equip them with practical tools and solution-oriented lessons that focus on plastic pollution so that they may acquire the will and the skills to solve community problems that include, but are not limited to, environmental issues. All participants, including mentors and mentees, will sharpen their leadership abilities through the lessons and, while doing so, interpret the interconnectedness between what human beings consume-dispose and the ecosystem. PV19 will end our unique program with a musical performance to fundraise and support our local partners, the S-house Project, and the local SEALNet Hanoi Club.

Apply to become a mentor for SEALNet Project Vietnam 2019: Full Bottle. Fewer Bottles at

For more information, kindly visit:
Project Introduction:
Application Guidelines:
Team Description:
Please submit your application before 28th March 2019, 11.59PM (GMT+7)

Facebook page:
Email address:


SEALNet Project Brunei 2019

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
July 2019

Project Brunei 2019: Youth.RISE (Resilient.Innovative.Skillful.Employable) is a 2-week service leadership project that focuses on empowering local youths towards self-sufficiency and resilience as they head out into society. During the 2-week project, participants will take part in a Structured Learning Experience (SLE) that is carefully designed based on the two SEALNet pillars: Service and Leadership. The first week will revolve around Leadership and follow the theme of Enhancing youth resilience through service leadership, aiming to equip mentors and mentees with the necessary skills to alleviate unemployment in their community. With the theme of Youth.RISE, the second week will consist of Service activities directed at the local youth in Brunei, with the hopes of strengthening their grit and resilience, encouraging them to be more innovative and resourceful, and equipping them with essential soft skills, thus empowering them to improve their own employability.

Apply to become a mentor for SEALNet Project Brunei 2019: Youth.RISE at

For more information, kindly visit:
PB19 Project Description and Application guidelines:
Project Proposal:
Information package for mentor application:
Please submit your application before 28th March 2019, 11.59PM (GMT+7)

Facebook page:
Email address:

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Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team

“Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team: Meet David!”

“I’m Botra. I’m currently a senior majoring in Business Administration. Project Cambodia 2018 was my first experience with SEALNet and it was totally beyond my expectations. I’m a very closed and self-reliant person who has trust issues and prefer to do things on my own. The people in PC18 have taught me that it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s okay to ask for help. I’m forever thankful to these people and glad that I took that first step. Looking back, I personally know many youths with great potentials to become leaders but missed the chances to do so because of self-doubt. In this year’s YLS, I want to challenge that mindset and pave ways for these potential leaders to stand where they deserve to be.


Watanakbotra (David) KONG, Cambodia

YLS19 Go-Team

Past SEALNet Exp:

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018- Mentor

#PC18  #YLS19 #SEALNet #SEALNutters #southeastasia #Go-Team


“Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team: Meet Vee!”

I am an energetic and dynamic Filipina with a passion for youth empowerment and project management. Our world today faces many issues that requires the social action of communities to address them. I believe it is important that the youth are developed to be community leaders, because they can do so much impact for their communities. My motivation for organizing YLS? Over the past few years, I have been involved in organising youth leadership congress, summits and trainings with different organisations, and I wanted to bring my experience to the SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit.”


Veronica (Vee) Mae F. Baguio, The Philippines

YLS19 Go-Team


Past SEALNet Exp:

SEALNet Project Philippines 2011 – Mentee

SEALNet Project Philippines 2012 – Mentee

SEALNet Project Myanmar: Taunggyi – Mentor

SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 – Participant

SEALNet Project Philippines 2018 – Project Leader

SEALNet Club Philippines – Founding Member

#PP11 #PP12 #PM17TG #YLS17 #PP18 #YLS19 #SEALNet #SEALNutters #southeastasia #Go-Team


“Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team: Meet Luch!”

I am in my final year of university. I love handcraft, photography, numbers, and anything pink. A few years ago, I realized that I am genuinely happy when I help people around me grow and change for the good. That was why I joined YLS17 when I started my SEALNet journey. The experience was very new, unique, eye-opening and impactful for me. So, now I want to stand in the shoes of an organizer to create an impactful experience for others. Being a part of YLS19 organizing team would also allow me to witness and support the whole learning process of the participants from YLS19 to the 2020 Summer Projects.


Chin Chanda Luch, Cambodia

YLS19 Go-Team

Past SEALNet Exp:

SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 – Participant

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018- Project Leader

#YLS17 #PC18  #YLS19 #SEALNet #SEALNutters #southeastasia #Go-Team


“Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team: Meet Lif!”

“Hello, I’m Alifa Shalsabilla Rizkia Qummari, call me Lif for short. I’m from Indonesia. I’m in my junior year studying International Relations. I’m keen on youth development and networking programs since I’ve already benefited from such programs. I believe that the youth are the foremost human capital and main subject for future development. Thus, I want to invest my time in organizing a leadership summit for youths as I’m aware such platforms are important to create a supportive environment for their development. And this will contribute to my own growth as I still need to enhance my service leadership skills for my future goals, one of which is to create a leadership platform for the youth.”


Alifa (Lif) Shalsabilla Rizkia Qummari, Indonesia

YLS19 Go-Team

Past SEALNet Exp:

SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 – Participant

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018- Project Leader

#YLS17 #PI18  #YLS19 #SEALNet #SEALNutters #southeastasia #Go-Team


“Be Ready World! Here comes the YLS19 Go-Team: Meet Pheak!”

“I was born and raised in Cambodia, and have lived here my whole life. I have already graduated from university. I am one of the organizers for the upcoming YLS in 2019. Having been involved with SEALNet for the past three years, my learning curve has never stopped expanding. It’s strange as I walked in with zero expectations yet ended up having such a rewarding experience. I have chosen to be a YLS organizer because I wish to cultivate young leaders across Southeast Asia and the spirit of impacting local communities through service. That’s why I’m ready to provide you any assistance on your summer projects in 2020. I cannot wait to see what 2019 holds for you, for me and for SEALNet.”


Darapheak Roth, Cambodia

YLS19 Go-Team

Past SEALNet Exp:

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2016: Siem Reap – Mentee

SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 – Participant

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018- Project Leader

#PC16SR #YLS17 #PC18  #YLS19 #SEALNet #SEALNutters #southeastasia #Go-Team

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SEALNet Summer 2018 is Ending

In 2017, we received multiple project proposals from our young Servant Leaders. After careful elaboration and discussion, we selected 4 proposals which we believed would create the most impactful service leadership projects in Southeast Asia.

This summer, the proposals were transformed into impactful summer projects that served communities around Southeast Asia!

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 reached to the depth of Indonesia and efficiently worked with a community in North Kalimantan, with a mission to promote the importance of education. After 15 days, the team not only inspired the teachers and students in Sri Nanti village but was also inspired to carry out the project’s mission beyond the project duration.

SEALNet Project Philippines 2018 looked at the basic needs of individuals and empathized on the importance of Mental Health. With the support from partners and guest speakers, members were equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to effectively advocate for mental health awareness in Cebu, Philippines.

SEALNet Project Vietnam 2018 seeked for the very definition of happiness. Members and all stakeholders channeled their positive energy through mindfulness exercises, while exploring and communicating the importance of mindfulness and social-emotional learning.

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018 tackled the everlasting issue of waste management in the heart of Cambodia. Working with SHCC in Siem Reap to create change by taking small actions, they communicated the importance of waste management and taught 3R practices. Through hands-on trainings, the students at SHCC learned how to compost waste in the community.

“From Ideas to Impactful Summer Projects”

This is the story from us this year and all SEALNutters around the world are excited and looking forward to contribute more in the upcoming summer.

We thank The HEAD Foundation for being our main partner this year and all local & international supporters. The above SEALNet Projects would not have been a great success without your contribution!

It was an amazing year for us and we are looking forward to another one next year!


Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network


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Summer Projects in 2018

We have four projects this summer! Check them out and donations are welcome!

SEALNet Project Vietnam 2018 (PV18)

Social Emotional Learning

Hue City, Vietnam

July 22-August 5, 2018

PV18 is a 2-week service project working on the main theme of Social Emotional Learning and Alternative Education. We are motivated to offering innovative approaches to happiness and stress management, thus empowering the youth to unleash their full potential and increasing their will while attending school. The methods in use include but are not limited to meditation, workshops, artistic activities and public event.

Fundraising page:

Facebook page:

Email address: selproject2018[at]

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 (PI18)

Better Border, Better Future

North Kalimantan, Indonesia

July 15-28, 2018

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 “Better Border, Better Future” is a 2-week service leadership service project to empower students to pursue higher education in North Kalimantan, Indonesia. We aim to provide mental support and empowerment for Indonesian students to pursue higher education. Along with the students, we hope to achieve support from their parents so they may corporate in designing a better and brighter future for their children. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela said.

Fundraising page:

Facebook page:

Instagram: @sealnetpi18

Email address: sealnetpi18[at]

Line: XZU2065L

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018 (PC18)

Less Is More

Siem Reap, Cambodia

August 5-18, 2018

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018 – Siem Reap, under the theme of “Less is More” aims to inspire and empower the youths in Siem Reap to come together and work hand-in-hand to solve waste management issues through “small tests of change” principle.

Based on the 2 pillars of SEALNet – service and leadership – our missions are to build awareness of waste management issues among the local beneficiaries, instill service leadership passion in them, and equip them with practical waste management practices to create sustainable impacts in their communities.

Fundraising page:

Facebook page:

Email address: sealnetpc18[at]

SEALNet Project Philippines 2018 (PP18)

Mental Health Awareness

Cebu, Philippines

July 22-August 4, 2018

Project Philippines 2018: Mental Health Awareness aims to build and nurture both knowledge capacity and project implementation skills among youths to be the agents to further raising awareness in their school or community.

This project is the brainchild of individuals who share the same imperative to do something about mental issues that concern the modern world, especially in South East Asia. While mental health problems are increasing especially among the youth, awareness of the realities of mental illnesses are still not high. Many people still do not realize the importance of conversation and acceptance about mental health issues.  It is also clear that many young people in South East Asia are passionate about this issue. Thus, this is the driving force that impassion the team behind Project Philippines 2018: there is a need for awareness, and many are willing to work for it.

Fundraising page:

Facebook page:

Email address: sealnetpp18[at]

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