Board of Directors


Kevin Wong


Originally from Indonesia, Kevin is a software engineer who earned his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Engineering from MIT. His SEALNet involvement started in 2010, when he was recruited to join Project Indonesia 2011 in Medan as a core team member. He continued his involvment in SEALNet by actively participating and organizing many MIT Chapter’s activities, and he currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors. He believes that his SEALNet experience has played a major role in him growing both as a person and as a leader, and he wishes to help other SEALNutters to be able to experience the same. His nerdy self enjoys nature and trees, science and engineering, food and cooking, books and contemplations, designing beautiful code, admiring designs, and many other random things.


Khuyen Bui


Khuyen is a junior in Tufts University dabbling in Computer Science and Philosophy. SEALNet has been a transformative experience for him circa 2011, and he hopes it can continue being so for himself and others too. Openly nerdy and geeky, he loves challenging conversations about life and lives and all things between. Currently he’s running Effective Altruism group in Tufts. He is interested in organizational learning – how people come together, work and learn meaningfully. In his free time, he reads, muses and writes in his blog at


Marsha Christanvia Wibowo
Board member


Marsha is currently a first year Ph.D. student in Biological & Biomedical Sciences at Harvard Medical School. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Growing up in Indonesia, Marsha was touched by the gap in the qualities of education in Indonesia. She took a gap year after high school to teach and volunteer in various areas in Indonesia. From her travels, she was motivated to continue teaching and making an impact in education in Indonesia. As she came to MIT, she fell in love with SEALNet’s culture and mission. She was further inspired by her encounters with like-minded servant leaders in SEALNet, many of whom have continued to be her mentors and best friends. Marsha has served SEALNet in various ways in the past five years and decided to further contribute as a board member. Through SEALNet, she hopes to pursue her lifelong passion to inspire younger students, empower people through education, and nurture future leaders in Southeast Asia. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and fashion.