Our Story

In the Fall of 2004, a group of students from Stanford University and working professionals from the Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (SALI) – a foundation for innovative social enterprise projects – came together through their shared desire to see Southeast Asia grow. Their discussion at the Haas Center for Public Service would mark the birth of the Southeast Asian Leadership Network (SEALNet) student group at Stanford University.

The SALI professionals became SEALNet’s mentors, providing both personal support and professional guidance for them to implement their first-ever Service Leadership programs in Southeast Asia. In 2006, SALI and the SEALNet student group merged together on the basis of their shared values and mission to become the Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network.

Since then, SEALNet has hosted 65 Service Leadership programs, serving about 50 communities in 10 countries – thus creating a network of over 1000 passionate Servant Leaders who strive to realize SEALNet’s vision of a vibrant and interconnected Southeast Asia.


The Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet) was founded as a student group at Stanford University.


SEALNet launched its pilot program, the 2005 Service Leadership Project in Vietnam (PV05), which built a computer laboratory, trained English teachers to make use of the new facilities, and conducted service leadership workshops for local high school students.


SALI and SEALNet merged into one entity and was renamed the Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network.


A SEALNet Chapter at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established.


A SEALNet Chapter at the National University of Singapore was established.


SEALNet Club Cambodia was established.


SEALNet’s first Youth Leadership Summit.


SEALNet Club Vietnam and SEALNet Club Hanoi were established in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.


SEALNet Club Philippines was established.


SEALNet’s 15th anniversary!