Summit FAQs


Q:  What is SEALNet?

A: To learn more about SEALNet, please kindly visit


Q: I would like to learn more about the summit, what should I do?

A: Please refer to the Youth Leadership Summit overview here or visit our Facebook at or on SEALNet webpage at If you still have further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at


Q: How does YLS differ from SEALNet’s two-week-long service leadership project?

A: The summit is a weeklong, fully immersive leadership experience for youths from across Southeast Asia. It will bring together experienced youth service leaders in their respective communities or past SEALNet mentees and members that have gone through regular SEALNet projects for open dialogue and collaboration. Thus, the summit aims to explore service leadership on a larger scale than what is traditionally covered by regular SEALNet service leadership project.

This year’s objective is to transform YLS participants – who are passionate and eager to serve their communities – into ready and able project leaders for the year 2018, including the chance to lead a SEALNet summer project. Thus, besides project management skills, we will also focus on self-development of the participants to help them realize their limitless potentials in changing their communities and together shaping the development of a unified Southeast Asia. Some of the curriculum you can anticipate are cultural and sharing experiences, discussion on service needs, hands-on service challenges, and interactive panels with SEALNet founders, mentors, and alumni, as well as regional professionals and experts to widen your perspective on Southeast Asia. More details will be provided to accepted participants.



Q: What should I do before I apply?

A: We suggest you thoroughly read this application overview and guideline to understand the nature of our programme and what to expect. You should also review all the application questions and draft your responses first as you won’t be able to save the answers online. This will minimize the probability of losing your answers halfway through due to technical malfunctioning.


Q: Do I have to find a co-leader before applying?

A: We also encourage you to find a co-leader and work on the proposal together. But this is not a requirement; you can still apply individually. If it is not possible to find a suitable co-leader, it is better to apply as an individual and we will help you find a co-leader during the summit. However, if you have a co-leader, the two of you should write your proposal together, but still fill out separate application forms.


Q: Can we apply as a group of three people/can I have more than one co-leader?

A: We will only accept groups of two people. Co-leading with more than one person can get challenging.


Q: If I have a co-leader, can we just fill out one application form together?

A: No. Each of you should still fill out a separate application form and answer all the essay questions, video, and CV individually. The only thing you can share is the proposal. You should both submit the same proposal that you have worked on together.


Q: How many people are you accepting for the leadership summit?

A: While there is no exact limit on the number of participants for the summit, our ideal group size would be around 20 participants.


Q: What is the target age range of the participants for this summit?

A: We are looking for students who are in their first to third year of university – or one year prior to their graduation.


Q:  I am now a high school or graduate student. Can I still apply?

A:  Our targets are first to third year university students as described above. High school, graduate students, or fresh graduates who are passionate about Southeast Asia development and at the same time able to show strong commitment toward leading a service project after the summit are welcomed to apply – however under rigorous selection.


Q: What kind of applicants are you looking for?

A: We are looking for those who are passionate about Southeast Asia and its development and willing to lead a project after the summit. We highly encourage past SEALNet members (including mentees, project members, even supporters and volunteers) to apply. Due to the nature of YLS, we are ideally looking for students being born and residing citizens in ASEAN States. However, Southeast Asian nationalities and/or ethnicities living or studying abroad – who are greatly connected with Southeast Asia and desire to contribute to the region through collaborative service projects – are also very much welcomed to apply.


Q: What do you mean by “Southeast Asian nationalities and/or ethnicities”?

A: Southeast Asian nationalities are those legally recognised citizens of any of Southeast Asia State. If you are pursuing an education overseas and holding a passport from Southeast Asia, you are qualified to apply.

In the past, many of SEALNet members are not only of Southeast Asian nationalities but also ethnicities – those who are of Southeast Asian descents or parentages but hold citizenship outside of the region (For example Vietnamese American or Malaysian American). Thus, we want to open up our arms to those potential candidates of similar spirit and passion about Southeast Asia, who yearn to contribute to our regional development.


Q: I was involved in SEALNet before as a project team member. Am I eligible to apply for the summit?

A: Yes. We strongly encourage you to apply.

If you are interested in assisting us with the summit in a different capacity (for example logistics, fundraising, publicity, and so forth), please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


Q: Why are the essays limited to a few hundred words? What if I wish to write more?

A: Due to the large number of applications, we ask that you be concise in your answers.


Q: When can I expect to hear the result announcement?

A: You will hear back from us by late March. We would send out all result notices to all applicants whether you are selected, rejected, or shortlisted. For more updates, please visit our Facebook Facebook at or on SEALNet webpage at



Finance and Logistics

Q: Who will cover my expenses during the summit (food and accommodation)?

A: SEALNet’s policy is to cover all the on-site costs except the travel fare to/from Thailand, where the summit will be held. You should also bring along some cash, though, just in case, for personal expenditure.

Each participant is responsible to fundraise $250 USD towards the summit. Please note that this fundraising amount is NOT a participation fee.


Q: Why do I need to fundraise?

A: The idea behind this is to give you a chance to practice fundraising hands-on amongst your network. This is an essential skill for service leaders. Moreover, it will be beneficial when you actually carry out your own project after the summit.


Q: What if I cannot manage to fundraise the amount of $250 USD?

A: This fundraising challenge is a crucial step to help you practice one of the most important skills as a service leader. We would in our capacity provide necessary tools, skills, and support for you to fundraise. “Say yes before knowing how” and try your best! We will take your best effort and result, but not a “NO”.


Q: What if I cannot pay for the airfare to/from Thailand?

A: We understand that airfare can be expensive, and we will be able to provide some financial aid for participants who need help with travel expenses. More details to come for accepted participants. We also encourage you to seek other sources of funding, for instances scholarships/grants from your school.


Q: In the description, it is said that YLS17 is a weeklong service leadership summit. When should we arrive and leave?

A: The summit will begin the morning of July 30 and end in the evening of August 5. We expect you to arrive on July 29 to ensure you benefit holistically from our programme. August 6 will be the departure day.

We will cover lodging and food for the duration from July 29 to August 5 in clarification.


Q: I have a summer internship/school/program. Can I come late/leave early from the summit?

A: No. You are expected to be fully present during the summit.


Q: What if I arrive early or want to stay longer for personal reasons? Where can I stay/what can I do?

A: SEALNet will only provide for food/accommodation for the duration of the summit (as clarified above). If you are arriving early or staying longer after the summit, you will have to find your own accommodations and be responsible for yourself.


Q: Is the trip safe? Who will be supervising us?

A: SEALNet takes the safety of the summit participants very seriously. Many of the organizers are past project leaders and mentors who have a wide range of experience with implementing successful and safe SEALNet projects in the past. Organizers will be on-ground with participants for the entirety of the program. We have taken the utmost care to ensure the safety of the trip and have evaluated all potential risks and/or emergency situations. All of our participants will be covered by a group travel insurance policy, which provides an added level of security and peace of mind for participants.