Summer Projects in 2018

We have four projects this summer! Check them out and donations are welcome!

SEALNet Project Vietnam 2018 (PV18)

Social Emotional Learning

Hue City, Vietnam

July 22-August 5, 2018

PV18 is a 2-week service project working on the main theme of Social Emotional Learning and Alternative Education. We are motivated to offering innovative approaches to happiness and stress management, thus empowering the youth to unleash their full potential and increasing their will while attending school. The methods in use include but are not limited to meditation, workshops, artistic activities and public event.

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Email address: selproject2018[at]

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 (PI18)

Better Border, Better Future

North Kalimantan, Indonesia

July 15-28, 2018

SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 “Better Border, Better Future” is a 2-week service leadership service project to empower students to pursue higher education in North Kalimantan, Indonesia. We aim to provide mental support and empowerment for Indonesian students to pursue higher education. Along with the students, we hope to achieve support from their parents so they may corporate in designing a better and brighter future for their children. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela said.

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Instagram: @sealnetpi18

Email address: sealnetpi18[at]

Line: XZU2065L

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018 (PC18)

Less Is More

Siem Reap, Cambodia

August 5-18, 2018

SEALNet Project Cambodia 2018 – Siem Reap, under the theme of “Less is More” aims to inspire and empower the youths in Siem Reap to come together and work hand-in-hand to solve waste management issues through “small tests of change” principle.

Based on the 2 pillars of SEALNet – service and leadership – our missions are to build awareness of waste management issues among the local beneficiaries, instill service leadership passion in them, and equip them with practical waste management practices to create sustainable impacts in their communities.

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Email address: sealnetpc18[at]

SEALNet Project Philippines 2018 (PP18)

Mental Health Awareness

Cebu, Philippines

July 22-August 4, 2018

Project Philippines 2018: Mental Health Awareness aims to build and nurture both knowledge capacity and project implementation skills among youths to be the agents to further raising awareness in their school or community.

This project is the brainchild of individuals who share the same imperative to do something about mental issues that concern the modern world, especially in South East Asia. While mental health problems are increasing especially among the youth, awareness of the realities of mental illnesses are still not high. Many people still do not realize the importance of conversation and acceptance about mental health issues.  It is also clear that many young people in South East Asia are passionate about this issue. Thus, this is the driving force that impassion the team behind Project Philippines 2018: there is a need for awareness, and many are willing to work for it.

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Email address: sealnetpp18[at]

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SEALNet 2018 Mentor Application is now OPEN

Thank you for your interest in SEALNet. SEALNet works throughout Southeast Asia to promote the spirit of service leadership and to contribute to the development of future Southeast Asian leaders. The following application is for applicants who would like to participate in our two-week long summer service leadership projects as Project Members (Mentors).

Make sure to read our application Guidelines and all of our Project descriptions before applying! You can find both of the above-mentioned documents via the link below. Please feel free to print out the application, write on it, or fold it into a paper airplane, but remember that your application must be submitted to us online by 11:59 PM UTC +8 March 8, 2018, at

You may apply for a maximum of two projects. Each project has their own recruitment committee. Therefore, your application will be reviewed by both of the projects’ committee and will be contacted for the interview separately.

All of us at SEALNet thank you for your interest in our organization. We look forward to reading your application and hope to meet you in Southeast Asia this summer. Please feel free to forward this opportunity to anyone that you think might be interested.

Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network

Link to Application Guidelines and Project Descriptions can be found here:

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2018 Summer Projects Announcement

Are you ready for 2018?

We, Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network, would like to announce the 4 projects that will take place in the Summer of 2018!!!

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Stay tuned for our Application!!


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