Ask any one of our members what the best thing about SEALNet is, and their answer will most likely be “the people”. When you join a SEALNet program, not only are you welcomed into that program’s cohort, but our entire network of service leaders that spans generations and continents. Here you will find your mentors, friends, and future co-leaders who will always be there to support you. Whether you need career advice, need a couch to sleep on for a night, or are looking for collaborators to start a project with, there is always someone willing to help – or someone who knows someone. We are constantly welcoming new members to the organization while engaging old ones to maintain a vibrant community with a strong sense of connection, common identity and growth.

Joining SEALNet

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After your previous journey with SEALNet, there are many ways you can still stay engaged and contribute to the organization – we’d love to have you back!