Leadership Retreat


The Idea

The transformation to being a project leader always seems a daunting, if not worrisome, journey. Planning, executing, and sustaining a two-week long project can be overwhelming just by thinking about it. Yet, this overwhelming process contains countless opportunities for project leaders to learn and grow as service leaders.

To help them through the first few steps of this transformative journey, each year SEALNet organizes a 3-day Service Leadership Retreat for new breed of project leaders, where we (yes, project leaders and facilitators alike – it’s a mutual learning process) explore the concept of service leadership and principles of being co-leaders together. Also, as a bonus, the weekend serves as a bonding space for SEALNutters from across the continent and generations, and a time when the older generations of project leaders can pass the torch and support on to the new ones.

The Activities

Activities covered in the retreat differ from year to year, with the aim of providing a most appropriate learning space for project leaders (and facilitators) to explore the concept of service leadership and of working together as co-leaders. Through series of experiential workshops ranging from brainstorming ideas in the seminar room to navigating the maze in the woods blindfolded, project leaders are pushed to bring out the best in themselves and come together as a coherent unit to find a way to success. Through evenings of bonding time in front of the fireplace listening to stories from professional mentors and sharing their own stories, project leaders are reminded of why they are here, and what it means to be a part of SEALNet family. Loving kindness, warm support, and long-lasting friendship among other things are shared here during this weekend.