Each Summer Project is led by two co-leaders who spearhead SEALNet’s impact on the community with help from their core team, mentors, and mentees.

Atiqah Rad

Ph.D. in Vocational Education and Workforce Development at Seoul National University.

Atiqah aspires to become the bridge between grass-root youth development and the theoretical world of academia. She also aspires to put the Philosophy back in Ph.D. – to be a thinker, above being a researcher. She is in love with Southeast Asia and a big fan of cat videos, Marvel movies, and Game of Thrones. She can often be found looking at food as if it’s the love of her life.

Past SEALNet experience: SEALNet PI18 mentor.

Lim Shi Mei

Shi Mei is a college graduate who is enthusiastic about developing herself and helping others while doing so. She believes that before helping other people, one must help themselves first so that they are capable of helping surrounding people.

Past SEALNet experience: YLS 2017 participant, PI18 core team member/mentor.

Thuc-Anh Nguyen Thi

Studying Sustainable Development is fun! Pursuing her liberal arts education at Yonsei University, South Korea, Anh is exhilarated to connect the theoretical knowledge in her Developmental Field Research class with her current initiative to make a social impact through PV19.

Past SEALNet experience: PV15 Mentee Co-founder, Former President of SEALNet Hanoi Club PC17 Mentor

Jack Nguyen Lam

Currently an English teacher in Hanoi, Jack is creating a model of teaching that focuses on individual growth, creative thinking, problem-solving, and instilling the love of knowledge beyond testing techniques. Observing the inextricable tie between the lack of schooling and the indifferent attitude towards different social and environmental issues from the Bai-Giua community, he is eager to make a difference through Project Vietnam 2019.