Summer Projects: 2013

Each year, projects are selected by the SEALNet Project Selection Team from among a pool of submitted proposals. In 2013, SEALNet will undertake 4 projects in 4 countries. Additionally, 2013 will see SEALNet’s First Youth Leadership Summit 2013.

Philippines (Cebu) 
Philippines (Leyte)
SEALNet’s First Youth Leadership Summit 2013


Time: Aug 11 to Aug 25, 2013

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Cambodia 2013 (PC 2013) is focused on inspiring and empowering the youths with disabilities through education and vocational training. First, the education component of the project will focus on English teaching. As English is one of the most widely spoken languages and major medium of education and communication, teaching English to the youths with disabilities can help build their confidence as well as increase their access to opportunities. Second, we aim to respond to their needs for skill building through a variety of programs ranging from vocational training to career fair with local companies’ participation.

As sustainability is crucial to the project’s success, we will be garnering support from local high school students. The project will also impart important leadership skills to the local high school students. This extensive training will equip them with the necessary skills to carry this project into the future. Finally, we are seeking to continue our partnership with the local partners from our past project and the local SEALNet chapter that has been established to ensure the sustainability of our efforts.

Philippines (Cebu)

Time:  Sunday, June 23 to Thursday, July 11, 2013

Location: Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

One of the most pressing issues in the Philippines is the correlation between poverty and the increasing educational dropout rate. Statistics from the Department of Education (DepEd) show that the number of students aged 6-15 who have dropped out or never attended school stands at 5.6 million – twice the number of residents (2.68 million) living in Quezon City, the largest political unit in Manila. Of those attending school, 40% between the ages of 12 and 15 failed to enroll in secondary school. At this rate, within the next decade, the country will have millions of low-skilled workers who are unable to meet the technical requirements of 21st century jobs.

Project Philippines ‘13 (PP13) will address the lack of continuity in underprivileged youth education by building relationships among different stakeholders in Cebu’s community. We would like to create a program that shows underprivileged youth that there are people who want to help them better their lives. In working with local high school students and a non-profit organization that builds communities for families who have been displaced from their homes due to financial circumstances, we will:

  • Foster connections between educational institutions and less-privileged communities by creating and implementing a tutor/mentorship program between the local high school students and the youth in Gawad Kalinga.
  • Create a network of support for youth with limited access to educational resources and peer groups.
  • Strengthen Gawad Kalinga youth’s confidence in the power of continuing their education to at least the secondary level.

Philippines (Leyte)

Time: Thursday, August 8, 2013 to Thursday, August 22, 2013

Location: Palo, Leyte, Philippines

Project Philippines 2013 aims to build on the foundation of Project Philippines 2012 – Leyte by helping the Filipino youth develop an appreciation of the scientific traits of inquiry, problem solving, and most importantly a ‘can do’ attitude. Due to societal stereotypes, limited resources, and the underdeveloped opportunities, the talents of young Filipino scientists and engineers are constrained within academia and the lab. We aim to draw these skills out and furnish them with an entrepreneurial, leadership, and service-oriented spirit. We hope that equipped with these assets, the youth will be ready to tackle the problems of the Philippines and create effective solutions, and as a result, establish economic, political, and social stability in the country.


Time: Saturday, August 3, 2013 to Sunday, August 18, 2013

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Although Vietnam has taken steps to improve opportunities and lifestyle for Vietnamese people with disabilities, the need for more supports from the outside communities persists. Due to the lack of exposure, many Vietnamese youths are unaware of the challenges faced by the people with disabilities in their community. This lack of awareness is alarming because the future of the country’s policies surrounding disabilities rest in the hands of these young leaders. To effectively garner more societal support for the disabled community, we need to first fill in the youth’s knowledge gap about their lives and challenges.

To raise awareness to the presence of disabilities in Vietnam, our 15-day project attempts to attract more attention toward the issue from the community, especially from the younger Vietnamese generation, since they will be the ones who can continue and sustain the actions of bringing the larger community to care for the disabled. To bring the community closer to the disabled community, this project will focus mainly on three processes: 1) Using community-based art as a platform for people with disabilities to find their voice as well as a space for disabled community and larger community interaction. 2) Improving leadership skills for Vietnamese youth through workshops involving a mentor-mentee model. 3) Working closely with local partners to foster youth’s action on disabilities in the future.


SEALNet’s First Youth Leadership Summit 2013

Location: Singapore

Having worked in Southeast Asia and sponsored more than 35 projects since 2005, SEALNet has planted the seeds of service leadership in countless youth service leaders in the region. With driven passion, many of these youth leaders have established themselves as some of the most prominent voices of service in their communities and have in turn inspired us at SEALNet to continue the work that we do.

Recognizing this powerful strength in our young counterparts, YLS13 seeks to become an inaugural program that brings them together for a week-long service leadership summit, in which they can share their work, widen their perspectives, and grow as service leaders alongside their peers from across the region. With the central summit theme being regional and collaborative service leadership, participants will get to develop long-lasting friendships with their counterparts in hopes of future collaboration that will drive our region forward. They will also get to further hone their service leadership skills through our unique leadership curriculum that focuses on self-development rather than simply the hard skills of project management.

It is our hope that this summit becomes a giant leap toward the founding vision of a unified Southeast Asia driven by a collaborative network of passionate and driven service leaders from across the region.