Summer Projects: 2014

Each year, projects are selected by the SEALNet Project Selection Team from among a pool of submitted proposals. In 2014, SEALNet will undertake 4 projects in 3 countries:

Malaysia (Batang Kali)
Malaysia (Kuala Selangor)


Time: July 1 to July 14, 2014
Location: Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam

Children with special needs, specifically, children with autism, are often seen as individuals that lack a formal education and care from the general society. Non-government agencies like our local partner the Pusat Ehsan Al-Hajjah Mariam are making solid steps to give opportunities of education and vocational training, widening the activities to improve the children’s motor and soft skills. However, such programs often suffer from unsustainable support from society as a whole. In an effort to strengthen the programs provided by Pusat Ehsan, Project Brunei 2014 (PB14) aims to further raise and transform public awareness about autistic children into concrete actions to aid them with educational, social, and emotional support. The project also plays as a bridge to foster better mutual understanding and communication between autistic children and the community. Additionally, PB14 emphasizes youth empowerment at both the local and international scale. Through this project, we hope to generate and motivate both participants and autistic children to learn, and inspire them to control their own futures. To further these goals, we will also establish the foundation for a mentoring program for undergraduate students at University Brunei Darussalam through several partnerships with local service groups.

Malaysia (Batang Kali)

Time: July 2 to July 15, 2014
Location: Batang Kali

PM14 is aimed at empowering the community and youth through rural service engagement. This is primarily achieved through the building of a home for an indigenous family in need of safe housing. The building will be completed in 3 days. Besides the the goal of providing a family with a safe home, we will use this activity as a means of forming bonds.

After living in the community and becoming better acquainted with the needs and issues of the community, we aim to work with indigenous individuals to build on new and existing ideas of a sustainable business model.
Additionally, it is important to continuously provide support to these families. Therefore, we will work on equipping local students with leadership and mentorship skills, and they will be responsible for ensuring the project’s sustainability.

Malaysia (Kuala Selangor)

Time: May 26 to June 8, 2014
Location: Kuala Selangor

In Malaysia, a large portion of high school students face the intense pressure to do well in a heavily exam-oriented curriculum, which leaves them few opportunities for personal development. On the other end, many children from the local orphanage suffer from low self-esteem and feel a sense of alienation from their community. Project Malaysia 2014 (PM14) aims to connect the two groups across the perceived barriers and thus enhance their mutual understanding through hands-on service learning activities led by both the high school students and the college team members.

Through the experience of working together with the team, the children from the orphanage will emerge with greater self-esteem and sense of connectedness with the community. For the high school students, the guided service learning projects will be an opportunity to develop qualities that are often neglected in the classroom, such as self-understanding and sensitivity to people from different backgrounds. From that experience, we hope to inspire them to become agents of change in their communities. Lastly, we hope to further facilitate collaboration among the school, parents and local partners in order to provide a supportive environment for the holistic development of the students.


Time: Aug 3 to Aug 17, 2014
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Our project focuses on “Self-Belief Development” and aims to work with two main groups: Vietnamese children living in shelters and Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students.

For the children living in the shelter, we aim to bring out the best potential in them by connecting and motivating them on a personal level. Through multiple approaches, from camping to community service activities, we hope to nurture in them the firm belief that they have the capacities to pursue their dreams and succeed in life just like anyone else.

For the high school students in Vietnam and Cambodia, we look forward to building a platform where students from both countries can be empowered to become social change agents and inspired to enhance cross-nation collaboration. Under close guidance of the mentor team and through a variety of leadership workshops, as well as interactions with the children living in the shelter, the high school students are encouraged to leave the project feeling confident in their ability to step up and take action for their causes. What is more, in an attempt to sustain the project’s outcomes, by the end of PV14, a Cambodian student will be paired up with a Vietnamese student to come up with a proposal for Project Cambodia 2015 and submit to SEALNet for approval. After going through the evaluation process, the winning team will have the chance to execute their plan and lead a project in Cambodia in the summer of 2015.