Summer Projects

“Can we really change the world in a matter of weeks?”

We invite you to join our Summer Projects – where SEALNet’s philosophy turns into action – and discover the answer for yourself.

Summer Projects are fully immersive and experiential programs, bringing together passionate youths from all corners of the world to help address imminent issues in Southeast Asian communities, from environmental protection to mental health awareness – and everything else in between.

Though each project has its own unique curriculum, they are all aligned with SEALNet’s core values, built on the basis of our service and leadership pillars, and share a similar organizational model of co-leadership and intergenerational mentorship.

Discover the opportunity to

Serve the community,

Find your heart to serve, take action, and live the experience as a force for change.

Become a leader,

Through hands-on training, learn how much impact an individual can make, and how much more a team can with the right leader.

Make new friends from all over the world,

Connect with people from different countries and backgrounds, immerse yourself in Southeast Asian Culture, and make friends for life.

And become a part of our ever-expanding network of Service Leaders.

Coming back from your Summer Project, you will be invited to continue your engagement with us in many other ways – joining our executive teams, participating in new programs, or stepping up to lead your own summer project – and warmly welcomed into a community of like-hearted individuals

Service and Leadership

SEALNet’s projects are a colorful blend of service, leadership, and culture. Equal emphasis is put on both service and leadership: Through leadership training sessions, members learn how they can make a change in their community; and through serving the community, they put their leadership skills into practice.

How it works

Project Leaders

For each project, two or more co-leaders together define its direction and oversee its execution.

Professional Mentors

Professional Mentors are experienced SEALNet members who provide the project leaders with advice and support.


Mentors are typically international university students with knowledge or expertise in fields related to the project’s mission. Together with the co-leaders, they play a crucial role in planning, leading and executing the project.


Usually local high school students, each Mentee is paired with a Mentor to receive personal guidance and leadership training, so that by the end of the project, they can themselves step up as leaders and sustain the project’s mission in their community.