Break The Silence

Quang Ninh, Vietnam

July 12 – July 24, 2020 

Child sexual abuse has become a pressing issue in Vietnam for the last two years . Any child can become a victim of this shameful act. Ironically, victims are normally blamed for not protecting themselves well enough from the perpetrators’ intention. Victim blaming is not how people should deal with the current situation. The stereotype about sex education as well as the lack of proper sex education and guidelines in the national curriculum to teach how children can protect their bodies well are the two most important puzzles that should be addressed.

What Silence To Break? 

1. The Silence of Victims
Victims who are not willing to share their issues will not receive the help that they need. In addition, when they do not speak up, the perpetrator will continue sexually abusing other children.
This is why the children need to learn to be assertive about their feelings and learn to speak up the issue to people they trust. The more victims raise their voice, the better we can tackle the problem.

2. The Silence of Education
There are a few official workshops and extracurricular activities in school that teach children on how they can protect their body. Sometimes, even parents tell their children to let their acquaintances or relatives touch the children’s cheek, or some other parts of the body as a way of displaying affection.
However, children should be equipped with the essential knowledge such as body safety rules and how to say “NO” when someone touches the RED part of their body, or even non-RED part that they do not feel comfortable to be touched.

3. The Silence of the Youth
Youth who lack of experience, knowledge and skills to run their own project on tackling social issues, stay silent. What these youth need is a platform where they can get experience, learn skills, build network and have a mentor who believes in them and gets them out of their comfort zone to execute things.



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