Project Thailand 2006

Recommended project arrival and departure dates:

Arrive: June 21 early morning
Leave: July 1 late in the day

PT 2006 is organized by SEALNet in partnership with Gulf Electric Public Company Limited. Gulf Electric has been involved in several community service initiatives in Saraburi, thus it has the local contacts and familiarity with the area to help SEALNet implement PT 2006 successfully.

The project will be held in Bangkok and Saraburi from June 21st-July 1st, 2006.

PT 2006 has two main components:

  • Sustainable community service project
    • Having surveyed the needs of the local students and teachers, SEALNet will be donating 52 computers and various educational softwares to 8 schools in Kaeng Koi, Saraburi.
    • In addition, we will set up the computer labs in those schools, as well as train the teachers on how to integrate the softwares into their teaching.
  • Developing young service leaders to serve their local community
    • We will use the SEALNet curriculum to hold workshops on leadership, teamwork, project-planning, and public speaking for local students from Thai schools.
    • In turn, these students will use the skills to conduct the leadership conference for the Saraburi students. This is “Intergenerational Development,” whereby SEALNet members develop local service leaders in Thai schools, and provide these service leaders with the skills necessary to develop less fortunate students in the Thai community.


    • We will also guide the students from local high schools in planning their own community service initiatives during the trip.

What SEALNet trip participants will gain from Project Thailand 2006:

  • Leadership and teamwork skills: Members will have a great opportunity to sharpen their leadership and teamwork skills by learning from SEALNet advisors, implementing the project, delivering the skills to international high school students and Saraburi students, and learning from one another.
  • Cross-cultural learning and lifelong friendship: Members will have the unique opportunity to learn about both the urban and rural Thai culture from close interaction with local people, and form lifelong friendships with a multicultural team comprising of members from the U.S. and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Opportunity to empower Thai youths to make a difference in their own lives and their local communities.

What local Thai students will gain from Project Thailand 2006:

  • Leadership, teamwork, project-planning, and public speaking skills. Our curriculum is developed by professional executive coaches, and we will provide each of the local student participants with a certificate for having completed the curriculum.
  • A unique community service experience. In PT 2006, participants do not simply volunteer — they empower the less fortunate people that they work with by providing the latter with the very same skills that have empowered them.
  • Mentors who can help participants with their future community service project initiatives, and provide them with advice on college life, internships, and more.

Tentative Time Schedule

June 21 Wed

  • Arrive BKK and settle in
  • SEALNet internal briefing
  • Sleep over in BKK at Century Park Hotel

June 22 Thur

Press Conference with Gulf Electric—location TBD

  • Lunch with Gulf Electric Representatives
  • Local Thai Students’ Multi-Skill Workshop I
  • Travel to Saraburi, check in at Supalai Pasak Resort
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 23 Fri

  • Recce all schools, lab sites, press conference site, computer storage area
  • Hardware set up
  • Training of SEALNet team + local Thai students to use the computer lab
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 24 Sat

  • Lab Setup + Training I: 1 SEALNet + 1 intl’ school student + 1 local teacher/student
  • Note: If the workshops are easy to conduct, then Thai school students will lead. Otherwise, they follow.
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 25 Sun

  • Lab Setup + Training II: 1 SEALNet + 1 local Thai high school student + 1 local teacher/student
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 26 Mon

  • Mid-Project Fun (temple, waterfall, pasak dam visits and river cruise)
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on (optional)

June 27 Tues

  • Lab Setup + Training III
  • Local Thai Students’ Multi-Skill Workshop II: Training curriculum + Facilitating discussion so that they can identify their interests and start their own ventures
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 28 Wed

  • FEEDBACK I: We observe how the teachers use the facilities and provide feedback. (2 sessions/day)
  • Saraburi Students’ Leadership Workshops (led by local Thai Students and assisted by SEALNet members) – location TBD
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 29 Thu

  • Dinner—Closing Ceremony, interact with the teachers + local students + FUN
  • Nightly debrief + Spotlight on

June 30 Fri

  • Interviews with Saraburi press
  • Return to BKK

July 1 Sat

  • Goodbye everyone!!!

Project leaders:

  • Suki: tiramisuki [at]
  • Kevin: kevsiew [at]
  • Viet: viet [at]