Project Vietnam 2009
Location: Thanh Cong District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Project Dates: Aug. 24 – Sept. 6, 2009

Executive summary

Hanoi’s recent rapid development has resulted in increased consumer consumption and waste generation. Currently, both municipal authorities and the public are still neglecting this issue, and garbage can be seen spreading on streets as a result of the public’s carelessness. In face of the current situation, SEALNet Project Vietnam 2009 plans to work with our local partner, 3R Hanoi, to educate local students as agents of change to tackle the growing garbage problem in their community and equip them with the necessary skills to expand their own influence.


  • Low level of public awareness about waste management and recycling
  • Need for a stronger communal sense of responsibility toward cleanliness
  • Rapid generation of waste at a rate at which will fill Nam Som Landfill, the only landfill in the area, by 2015

Local partner

Our main partner is 3R Hanoi Organization. 3R Hanoi’s activities have mainly focused on separation of garbage (wet waste/solid waste/recyclables) at the source it is generated (e.g. households, businesses) in four different areas in Hanoi and advocating for better environmental education at both the school and community level


  • Help students establish a garbage bank to improve the efficiency of the current recycling infrastructure and reduce garbage volume
  • Educate students about waste management and environmental awareness using the 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) principle
  • Inspire students to care for the community and environment
  • Empower students and provide them with leadership skills to manage garbage banks independently and to spread knowledge about environmental awareness, recycling, and waste reduction and management

—Service: Garbage Bank

  • Our team will set up a garbage bank at Thanh Cong Middle School, which will act as a collection center for recyclables from households. Students and village people will bring recyclable garbage from their households and community to the school and deposit it at the garbage bank.
  • The student-run garbage bank will sell the garbage to recycling centers. Profits will go towards scholarships and end-of-semester returns for students who deposit garbage at the bank.
  • This garbage bank will serve as a model for future expansions.


  • Integrate environmental activities at the school with those in the community through household competitions to reduce waste production and conserve energy
  • Organize educational workshops to teach middle school students about garbage management, environmental conservation, and the 3R principle
  • Work with 3R Hanoi and local students to set up campaign to inform the neighboring community about the 3R principle and usage of the garbage bank


  • Facilitate leadership training sessions to provide students with the skills necessary to manage the garbage bank on their own, to expand garbage bank project
  • Help students set up a school Activities Fair in which they will share what they have learned from the workshops with the rest of their peers. The Activities Fair will also serve as publicity for the garbage bank

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in project planning and designing curricula for environmental awareness, garbage management, and leadership workshops
  • Lead workshops and student training sessions at the school, as well as mentor Vietnamese high school students
  • Collaborate with school staff to set up the garbage bank
  • Help plan and organize the students’ activities fair

Skills Needed

  • Enthusiasm and passion for service and environmental issues
  • Creativity
  • Strong communication and management skills
  • Willingness to take and redistribute responsibility
  • Interest in the region of Vietnam and Southeast Asia in general
  • Passion for self-development

Project Leaders

  • Alice Eamsherangkoon: altieam ‘at’
  • Ricky Pai: rickyp ‘at’