Youth Leadership Summit (YLS)

Building and connecting the next generation of Southeast Asian leaders.

Every summer, SEALNet organizes the Youth Leadership Summit (YLS), a week-long program focused on leadership training in the context of Southeast Asia. We are looking for aspiring young leaders who have a desire to see change happen, and an idea to make it happen. On applying, participants are required to submit a proposal for a project contributing to Southeast Asia’s development – our goal is that by the end of YLS, they are equipped with the necessary mindset and skillset to turn their proposal into reality.

So, what is YLS?

A platform for personal, ethical growth

We believe that Service and Leadership go hand-in-hand, meaning that Leadership must be built alongside, and based on a strong basis of ethical values that strives towards helping others. You will be encouraged to look to Southeast Asia and identify imminent community issues that call for alleviation; and to reflect on yourself, developing thinking approaches that are well-rounded and compassionate.

A training ground for building effective leaders

The program is dedicated to helping you maximize your abilities and discover your leadership style through activities focused on leadership empowerment, needs analysis, facilitation and management, conflict transformation, consensus decision making, action planning, and many more.

A forum for international and intercultural collaboration

YLS opens your doors to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, allowing you to connect and collaborate with your counterparts from across the region. YLS initiates a dialogue for participants to share insights from their own cultures and gain new perspectives on an international level, building a generation of leaders who see each other from a viewpoint of understanding and unity.

After YLS

Many YLS participants return to SEALNet in the following years to serve as members of our executive teams, YLS organizers, or pursue their initial project proposals and step up as Summer Project Leaders to directly make a change in Southeast Asia. We have seen YLS participants of various nationalities and cultural differences come together in a joined effort to initiate change in their home countries, proving that YLS truly is fulfilling its mission: building and connecting the next generation of Southeast Asian leaders.


Your Impact in the making is taking place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.