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Technology Team

The Technology team develops SEALNet’s technology environments, a scaffold supporting all of SEALNet’s operational work. Khang Vu Project Cambodia Phnom Penh 2015 – Mentor Project Cambodia 2018 – Mentor Khoa…

Documentation & Sustainability

The documentation team keeps records of SEALNet’s growth and measures the sustainability and impact of our efforts. Mark Chan PV15 Mentor PV18 Professional Mentor
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Fundraising Team

The Fundraising team generates the financial means for our ideas to turn into reality as well as maintain relationships with our sponsors and donors. Lan Anh Hi! I am Lan…

Finance Team

The Finance team is responsible for the oversight and management of the organization’s funds. Jim I joined SEALNet in May 2018 as Finance Officer. I graduated in 2015 from Bentley…

Publicity Team

The Publicity team works to communicate SEALNet’s values with the world and maintain the inner network of the organization. Quyen-Ha Do PV18 – Mentee PV19 – Core Team Member Ratanaktepi…

Past YLS’

Youth Leadership Summit 2017 28 February 2017 2017 “SEALNet YLS Program is an effective incubator in which aspiring Southeast Asian youths will be equipped with the necessary skills, mindset and…


Summer Projects Summer Projects are fully immersive and experiential programs, bringing together passionate youths from all corners of the world to help address imminent issues in Southeast Asian communities. Youth…

Youth Leadership Summit

Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) Building and connecting the next generation of Southeast Asian leaders. Every summer, SEALNet organizes the Youth Leadership Summit (YLS), a week-long program focused on leadership training…
2018 Summer Projects Congratulations

Summer Projects

Summer Projects “Can we really change the world in a matter of weeks?” We invite you to join our Summer Projects – where SEALNet’s philosophy turns into action – and…

Program and Initiative Organizers

Program and initiative organizers are individuals, teams and committees involved in the planning and execution of SEALNet’s programs and initiatives within a given year. Summer Project Leaders Each Summer Project…