Project Cambodia 2006

The following 20 students have been accepted to Project Cambodia 2006. Congratulations to: Elena Khin, Sokha Suon, Khim Song, Chea Nich, Sokuntheary Eat, NayHuoy Nguon, Polim Por, Chhoung Sok, Phearum Kim, Sophy Leng, Kim Leang Song, Sal Rina, Chnadra Veung, Sovatha Sok, Sokea Soeng, Kimchy Heng, Ny Kearyrath, Chekrya Chea, Sovuthy Oum and Molika Khin! Announcements will also be made in school, and we will soon be contacting you via email. We are really excited to meet you and do look forward to having a great time with us!

Recommended dates of arrival and departure:
Arrive: Tuesday June 20 morning-early afternoon
Leave: from Saturday July 1 morning. However, there’ll be an optional three-day trip to Angkor Wat from July 1 to July 3.

E-Youth Center: Internet Shop and Youth Center

Tuesday Jun 20 – Friday Jun 30, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mission: To bridge the technology divide and break the Cambodian students’ cultural barrier to community service

The local community needs: High school students in Bak Touk High School, Phnom Penh

  • Lack the access to basic computer training. There are only 40 computers for 10,000 students (250 students : 1 computer).
  • Lack of opportunities to practice leadership and engage in community service activities.

Bak Touk High School

  • The school needs a self sustainable business to support the cost of maintaining and running the computer lab.


With the support of American Assistance for Cambodia, we will work with teachers and students in Bak Touk high school in Phnom Penh to set up an E-Youth Center.

The E-Youth Center will have three functions:

  • Free computer classes for disadvantaged students.
  • An Internet Shop: open to students and public during non-class hours. This small business will help subsidize the cost for computer maintenance, electricity, and Internet.
  • A Youth Center: Students will organize extra-curricular activities in the center not only to attract more student-customers to the business but also to encourage a spirit of community in students.

The school will launch the opening of the E-Youth Center on the last day of the project.

There are three parts in Service Leadership Project Cambodia 2006:

  • Leadership training: In May 2006, we will have an admission process to select 20 high potential students in Bak Touk high school. Using the SEALNet leadership curriculum, we will work with them on leadership, teamwork, organizational, and public speaking skills. We will also take them to various community service organizations to establish connections and gather information to help them organize their own community services. These 20 students will be in charge of running the extra-curricular activities (arts performances, cultural events, community services, etc.) at the E-Youth Center. With the model of 1 SEALNet member mentoring 2 high school students, we aim to empower these young leaders to initiate their own projects and inspire their friends and communities to have a similar leadership spirit.
  • Business skills training: SEALNet members, with the mentoring of our professional advisors, will develop 2 business workshops on money-keeping, organizational, and business managerial skills. During the project, SEALNet members will deliver these skills to the teachers in charge of the E-Youth Center. These teachers will develop the implementation plan, discuss, and report to SEALNet members and advisors.
  • The donation as well as installation of 20 computers for the E-Youth Center, and connection to the Internet.

Tentative project schedule (Tuesday June 20 – Friday June 30, 2006)

  • Day 1: Set up computers and Internet connections.
  • Day 2: Introduction to high school students.

First business workshop to teachers.

  • Day 3: Inspiring potential leaders and discovering students’ interests.

Second business workshop to teachers.

  • Day 4: Mid-Project Fun
  • Day 5-6: Leadership skills training: public speaking, teamwork, organizational skills. Students plan for activities at E-Youth Center.
  • Day 7: Community Service day
  • Day 8-9: Teachers report business plan to SEALNet’s members and advisors and receive feedback.

Students prepare activities for the E-Youth Center opening day and continue to develop their activities plan.

  • Day 10: E-Youth Center opening day.

What SEALNet members will gain from Service Leadership Project 2006:

  • Leadership and business skills: by learning from SEALNet advisors, implementing the project, delivering the skills to Cambodian high school students and teachers, and learning from one another, members will have the great opportunities to practice their own leadership.
  • Cross-cultural learning and lifelong friendship: Members will have the unique opportunity to learn about Cambodian culture from close interaction with local people, and form lifelong friendships with a multicultural team comprising of members from the U.S. and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Opportunity to empower Cambodian youth to make a difference in their own lives and their communities.


  • American Assistance for Cambodia:

American Assistance for Cambodia was established in 1993 by Bernard Krisher, a former Newsweek Tokyo bureau chief who covered Cambodia in the 60s and has been engaged over the past decade in volunteer activities targeted on its reconstruction and rehabilitation. AAfC’s projects include the establishment of the charity Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope and the construction of 250 solar-paneled/computer equipped primary rural schools. See here. We also have Mr. Bernard Krisher as our mentor.

  • Bak Touk high school, Phnom Penh:

One of the top high schools in Phnom Penh, Bak Touk high school has over 10,000 students from Grade 6-12. However, there is a severe lack of computer and technological facilities.

Project leaders:

  • Tu Ngo: ntngo [at] stanford.ed
  • Seihout: seihout [at]

Project advisors:

  • Kevin Teo
  • KB