Project Cambodia 2007
When: Monday 18 June 2007 – Friday 29 June 2007
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Project Leaders:

Trent Walker
Rith Yoeun
Email: pc07-leaders [at]


The ancient tradition of Cambodian arts was nearly eradicated during the Khmer Rouge genocide from 1975-1979. As a result, Cambodia has lost much of its rich traditional culture, and Cambodian youth today are growing up without an awareness of and appreciation for their heritage.


Our objective is to empower young Cambodian performing artists and selected high school students to spread awareness of Khmer traditional performing arts in the Cambodian youth community.


SEALNet’s Project Cambodia 2007 aims to prepare young Cambodian performing artists and selected high school students to spread awareness in the youth community by:

  • Offering workshops for 20 students (10 performing arts students and 10 gifted Bak Touk High School students) to teach public speaking, team building, marketing, event planning, creative problem solving and self-evaluation skills.
  • Providing opportunities to practice the skills developed in the workshops by planning and presenting two outreach concerts at local public online pokies games high schools in Phnom Penh.
  • Establishing a computer lab in the learning center of the non-profit organization Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) for ongoing instruction in the technology and English skills that are necessary to realize the long-term goal of widespread awareness of and appreciation for Khmer traditional performing arts.

Local Partner

CLA, a project of World Education, works to support the revival of traditional Khmer performing arts and to inspire contemporary artistic expression. CLA supports arts education, mentorship, networking opportunities, education, career development, and income generating projects for master performing artists who survived the Khmer Rouge as well as the next generation of student artists.

Team Member Responsibilities

Each SEALNet team member will be responsible for planning and facilitating one workshop designed to support the objectives of the project.

Each SEALNet team member will also work closely with a small group of students, including both performing arts students and Bak Touk High School students, on a component of planning and presenting the two outreach concerts.