Project Cambodia 2009 (Volunteerism)
When: Sunday 16 August 2007 – Friday 28 August 2007
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  • The Khmer Rouge presided over a dark time in Cambodian history, depriving a large proportion of citizens a basic education, and impeding the country’s socioeconomic development.
  • The only dumpsite in Phnom Penh, Steng Meanchey, bears witness to the destruction of the Khmer Rouge genocide. Here, a large number of street children live under conditions of chronic poverty, rampant disease, a torn social fabric and lack access to healthcare and hygiene facilities.


  • To strengthen the educational programmes via creation of a comprehensive curriculum package for language and computer skill instruction at the local partner NGO.
  • To strengthen the high school students’ commitment to volunteering via leadership workshops, and also to make them more effective volunteer facilitators and teachers.

Local Patner

  • Our local partner Center for Children’s Happiness (CCH), established in 2002, is a nongovernmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia. CCH has three centers located around the largest garbage site of Phnom Penh. CCH cares and provides education to almost 150 children in its three centers, most of whom are orphans.


  • Curriculum creation and skills training
    • Create comprehensive lesson plans and resources for teaching English and computer skills (such as Microsoft Office) for CCH’s use.
    • Hold leadership workshops for high school students.
    • Give high school students opportunities to practice leadership skills by having them lead hands-on activities (such as renovation of CCH’s facilities, teaching a lesson to street children, etc).
  • Network establishment and publicity for CCH (local partner)
    • Foster close linkage between CCH (local partner) and local high schools.
    • Establish a point person responsible for bridging communications.
    • Create a formal student association committed to volunteerism.
    • Revamp CCH’s website and help it expand its reach.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Be a mentor for Cambodian high school students and through mentorship consistently motivate and inspire them to do service for their own community.
  • Prepare the material for the leadership workshops.
  • Help gathering material and prepare the English and Computer curriculum.
  • Provide support and feedback to high school students within the hands-on leadership skill evaluation session
  • Facilitate and familiarize the curriculum to the instructor at the center and to high school students who are willing to volunteer.
  • Set up internet networking at one of the center of CCH

Project Leaders

  • Tuan Huynh: huynht ‘at’
  • Yuxin Chuah: ychuah ‘at’
  • Meng Heng Touch: tmheng ‘at’