SEALNet Project Cambodia 2012

When: Sunday August 12th – Saturday August 25th, 2012
Location: Phnom Penh and Kandal Province, Cambodia
Email: pc12 [at]
Project Leaders: Ivana Polim, David Chhan
Project Blog:


There are two components to the project: leadership and service.

For leadership component, we will hold workshops specifically designed for local high school students focusing on teamwork, leadership, organizational, service, mentoring support, fundraising, and English teaching skills.

For the service component, we will collaborate with two local NGOs who provide shelter for hundreds of disabled youths and children. We will provide an opportunity for the high school students to help us and apply what they have learned in the workshop into practice in the outreach sessions. For service component, we are having at least 4 outreach sessions, 2 in each NGO. Tentative programs at the NGOs are English teaching class (reading and conversational), mentoring and support network, fundraising event, and fun time for bonding and socializing.


There are a lot of disabled youths and children in Cambodia that lacks social supports and attention from the country’s development policies. There are no special programs at schools designed to help these people and many of them ended up being left behind. There have been quite a few NGOs in Cambodia that provide supports for physically-disabled youths. Due to the limited resources; however, they still need help in areas such as volunteering, funding, technical skills training other than handcrafts, and boosting the children’s self esteem. Through this project, we hope that we could address these issues and help them achieve their goals.

Join us if:

– You are cool
– You are passionate in helping disabled children
– You are able to work well in a team
– You are creative and willing to take initiatives and responsibilities
– You want to have a life-changing experience
– You can pay for your own plane ticket to Cambodia and are able to raise some money (a few hundreds bucks)

Why should you join Project Cambodia 2012?

– Make an impact and change the lives of the many young Cambodian people
– Vibrant and diverse team members
– You will be able to learn from each other and create a long lasting friendship and network
– You will get a Project Cambodia 2012 T-shirt and have fun in Cambodia 🙂
– Let me repeat. Have fun in Cambodia. It’s on!!! ☺

Apply today!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or if you have any questions.

Good luck!!! ☺

Ivana and David <3