Fostering Healthy Lifestyle

July 9 – 22, 2017

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Children living in rural Cambodia are facing malnourishment because of the parents’ neglect of their daily nutrition intake and inaccessibility to clean water. Under the theme of “Nutrition Education for Rural Children”, our project tackles this issue by using SEALNet “service leadership” approach and aims at three main beneficiary groups: villagers (parents), villagers’ children, and local high school students. In addition to providing bio-sand filters to the families, we also conduct a series of workshops to help the parents gain a basic understanding about nutrients in food and be more informed about the importance of having enough nutrition, and the consequences of malnourishment. Furthermore, we engage the children into interactive lessons and activities providing basic education on nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation, to let them become aware of their daily consumption and aspire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For local high school students, we want to build a group of “concerned citizens” where the local students can get exposed to their community problems which widen their general understanding of the discussed issue, and with leadership workshops and close-guidance mentorship, they will be more capable to take on the community issues and be the leaders of their community.

Project Name: SEALNet Project Cambodia 2017

Project Subtitle: Fostering Healthy Lifestyle

Project Code Name: PC17-SR

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