Project Indonesia 2007
When: Sunday 26 August 2007 – Saturday 8 September 2007
Where: Sekayu, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Project Leaders:

Dian Rosanti
Yongfeng Ye
Megan Chiou
Contact: pi07-leaders [at]


  • Lack of disaster preparedness and education
  • The local Indonesians in these rural communities are not well-informed of emergency measures.
  • Contamination of water sources due to the lack of awareness of sanitation.


  • Educate a rural Indonesian community about the measures they can take in the event of a disaster.
  • Educate the community about sanitation, health and hygiene issues.
  • Encourage youth to actively serve in their communities.


  • SEALNet will work together with Lienaid and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMR) to create materials that effectively communicate emergency and waste management information to the local people.
  • SEALNet will disseminate the developed materials to the community-at-large through local radio, school and social networks.
  • We will also conduct a 7-day service-leadership camp for local student leaders.
  • Local student leaders at the camp will execute their own small-scale service projects in their communities.


Local Partners

  • We have established a partnership with Lienaid in Sekayu. Lienaid is the developmental vehicle for the Lien Foundation to serve at-risk communities in Asia.
  • We will also be relying extensively on the local government for support.
  • We are also partnering with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMR).


Team Member Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with PMR and Lienaid to develop and disseminate educational materials on earthquake response and sanitation information.
  • Facilitate workshops on service leadership.
  • Share the members’ own service experiences with PMR and local students.
  • Mentor the local high school students on their service leadership projects.


Trip Safety

While Indonesia might still be under the U.S. travel advisory warning, we are working closely with the local government to make sure that we can do whatever’s realistic to minimize risk.