Project Indonesia 2008
When: Monday 25 August 2008 – Saturday 6 September 2008

(please note that there has been a change in the dates of the project)

Location: Aceh, Indonesia

Project Leaders:

Charmaine Peck: chpeck ‘at’
Eliza Wiraatmadja: elizaw ‘at’
Mike Orgill: morgill ‘at’


  • No effective process of waste disposal in rural villages
  • Contamination of water sources due to the lack of awareness of sanitation.


  • Establish a waste management system for rural villages.
  • Educate the community about sanitation, health and hygiene issues.
  • Help clean up contaminated areas.
  • Encourage youth to actively serve in their communities.


  • SEALNet will work together with the local partner to create materials that effectively communicate emergency and waste management information to the local people.
  • SEALNet will conduct a large scale community cleanup project around the village
  • SEALNet will conduct a 5-day service-leadership camp for local student leaders.
  • SEALNet team leaders will supervise mini-projects led by local students

Local Partners

We will be working with the World Toilet Organization (WTO).

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Facilitate workshops on service leadership for high-school students.
  • Mentor the local high school students on their respective service projects.
  • Prepare and conduct a community wide “trash fair.”
  • Engineer and participate in a large scale trash clean up in the community

Trip Safety

While Indonesia might still be under the U.S. travel advisory warning, we are working closely with the local government to make sure that we can do whatever is realistic to minimize risk. We will be in contact with the embassies of our respective countries throughout the duration of the trip. Additionally, our project will be taking place in a region that has no history of extremism or violence against foreigners. If you have any further questions about safety in Indonesia, please contact Mike at morgill ‘at’