Project Malaysia 2009
Saturday, May 30th, 2009 – Saturday, June 13th, 2009
Location: Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Executive Summary

Project Malaysia 2009 seeks to address growing environmental issues in Malaysia. We will do this by inspiring the youth of the nation to become leaders of their communities, instilling in them a commitment to service and an awareness of the environmental issues that face their community. The project will be held in Kuala Selangor, an area that mostly relies on eco-tourism for the livelihood of its people. Through a variety of hands-on environmental activities (e.g. mangrove planting, water quality monitoring) and volunteer work with the Malaysian Nature Society, we hope to spark the students’ interest in continuing environmental-related work in the future. For Project Malaysia 2009, we wish to improve upon the foundation created by Project Malaysia 2008 by continuing to spread a passion for service and the confidence to lead to students from other parts of Malaysia.


  • Kuala Selangor is a town that largely depends on eco-tourism. However, many people in its community often consider the parks as attractions, and efforts to conserve the town’s natural environment are sometimes overlooked.
  • Students in the area do not have ample opportunities to participate in leadership programs that provide continued mentorship and support. The problem isn’t that the students lack ideas and initiative, but that they lack a support system, the knowledge, and resources to make a change in their community.

Local Partner

  • The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is a nationwide non-profit organization that has continually worked to protect Malaysia’s natural environment.


  • Help MNS spread awareness on the importance of ensuring water quality and maintaining mangrove forests
  • Work with MNS to improve the effectiveness of their environmental education programs
  • Inspire local high school students to become leaders in their communities and instill in them a passion for service


  • Increase community involvement in MNS’s conservation efforts
  • Organize leadership lessons, field trips to environment-related sites, and events featuring speakers from MNS and other environmental organizations
  • SEALNet team members will be paired up with high school students and will provide them with advice and encouragement.
  • With the assistance and support of MNS and SEALNet, students will design and lead future events and/or programs related to the environment and environmental education.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Be involved in the development of the program curriculum before going on the ground
  • Serve as mentors to the high school students during the project, and maintain this relationship after the conclusion of the project
  • Plan and facilitate leadership lessons for the students
  • Collaborate with the students and MNS in improving upon the environmental education program
  • Assist the students in planning and conducting a community outreach event (i.e. an environmental education fair)
  • Inspire the students in becoming advocates for environmental sustainability!
  • Keep an eye out for the safety and health of other team members

Skills Needed

  • Passion and an open mind
  • A strong interest in one or more of the following: inspiring youths, Malaysia, and/or the environment
  • Ability to interact and communicate with people of all ages
  • Knowledge and/or experience with environmental work is a plus
  • A willingness to learn something new!

Project Leaders

  • Jing Ng: jng ‘at’
  • Tian Ong: tianong ‘at’
  • Kellie Young: kyoung ‘at’