Women Empowerment

June 12 – 23, 2017

Taunggyi City, Myanmar


SEALNet is a non-profit organization committed to promoting service leadership among Southeast Asian communities by building and nurturing a community of service leaders who are dedicated and passionate to serve and promote social change in Southeast Asia and around the world. This commitment to social development is reflected in SEALNet’s summer projects for the past 12 years in different Southeast Asian territories. This 2017, we are proud to present one of our pioneering projects in Myanmar with a central theme of women empowerment.

Project Myanmar 2017 – Taunggyi: Women Empowerment aims to tackle the need for women participation in all spheres of society in the long run, especially in the state affairs of Myanmar. Strengthening women’s rights and addressing barriers to political participation are critical to achieving that cause. We believe that the women of Myanmar can join the ranks of other empowered women around the world should they be given the right avenue to step forward.

The project aims to equip young individuals from Myanmar on three main domains: personal development, management, and community engagement; all under the mentor-mentee model of SEALNet and the central theme of women empowerment. Workshops, teambuilding activities, and exposure trips will be conducted prior to the culminating community service activity involving all project stakeholders. The project will run from June 12-23, 2017 in Taunggyi City. After the project, the mentees (Myanmar youth participants) are expected to create a local network of leaders that will build on the project’s vision and make it sustainable through the years.  

Project Name: Project Myanmar 2017- Taunggyi

Project Subtitle: Women Empowerment

Project Code Name: PM17-TG

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/pm17tg.sealnet/

Gmail Email:   pm17tg.sealnet@nullgmail.com

SEALNet Email: sealnet.pm17tg@nullsealnetonline.org