Project Thailand 2007
When: Tuesday 28 August 2007 – Sunday 9 September 2007
Where: Krabi, Thailand

Project Leaders:

Potay Parapiboon
Mac Pasawich
Top Pongmorakot
Contact: pt07-leaders [at]


The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake triggered a tsunami that devastated the coastline of southern Thailand, resulting in enormous environmental and structural damage, sanitation problems, homelessness and unemployment. The lives of the inhabitants of this region continue to be disrupted by the consequences of the catastrophe.

The local people lack awareness of environmental problems and knowledge of how to prevent future catastrophes. This, in turn, has led to past environmental problems, such as the deforestation of mangrove trees, causing the area to be more vulnerable to the effects of a natural catastrophe.

Objectives and Approaches

Prevention : In order to reduce the impact of future natural disasters, we will engage in mangrove restoration, strive to educate people about the ecological importance of mangroves and raise the environmental consciousness of local communities.

Reconstruction : We plan to help out in the ongoing reconstruction process by helping to provide infrastructure and sanitation facilities.

Education : We plan to educate local people on the preservation and conservation of natural resources by running campaigns that will help to raise local awareness. In addition, we will donate relevant books to community libraries and set up exhibitions.

Generating leadership : We will work with the local youth government in the aforementioned projects, endeavoring to develop leadership skills through our joint efforts. Moreover, we will encourage them to initiate their own projects to address local environmental issues of their interest.

Local Partner

Population and Community Development Association (PDA), one of Thailand’s largest non-profit organizations, will support and facilitate our work on the site. It will also assist us in ensuring the sustainability of the projects within the community.

Team Member Responsibilities

Team members will be expected to engage in and work with the youth government on environmental issues. In addition, they will plan and execute projects to address environmental problems, raise local awareness and educate the community on environmental issues.

Skills Needed:

We are looking for people of diverse perspectives, skills and passions, who are committed to group learning and teamwork. Those with interest and experience in environmental issues are encouraged to apply.