Project Philippines 2007
When: Monday 18 June 2007 – Friday 29 June 2007
Where: Cebu, Philippines
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Project Leaders:

Ryan Torres
Art Tosborvorn
Contact: pp07-leaders [at]


Gastrointestinal Parasite (GIP) is one of the most prevalent yet neglected problems in the Philippines. As a result, children’s education is adversely affected when GIP causes them to be absent from school. Consequently, this may hold them back in school.
The community has a limited understanding of the nature of the issue and prevention and curative methods, thus exacerbating this vicious cycle between the disease—GIP—and school truancy.

Objectives and Approaches

  • Create a pilot program that effectively increases awareness about gastrointestinal worms in the local community by working with 15 local high school students to:
  • Design a package of printed media tailored to the local community.
  • Organize a weeklong event for at least one school that will raise awareness about the issue and thus generate positive responses to the administration of anti-worm medication.
  • Choose other appropriate media which will best raise awareness about this issue.
  • Design and implement a parallel project that focuses on improving and installing hygienic facilities.
  • Document and prepare this work for mass distribution and future programs around the country for use by related agencies.
  • Inform parents and guardians of the positive effects of the medication process.
  • Engage the local youth and local NGOs to sustain our efforts.

Local Partner

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is an initiative of the University of Philippines and is based at its Manila campus. It is one of the leading figures in pushing for the de-worming of children, with pilot programs being implemented around the country.
Team Member Responsibilities

  • Familiarize self with the issue.
  • Collaborate with local high school students to develop publicity materials.
  • Consider input from the local community to improve the publicity materials.

Skills Needed:

We are looking for a diverse group with members with different interests and skills. Experience working with media (comic, newspaper, magazine, poster etc.) and/or with children is a plus!