Project Vietnam 2005

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

June 12 – 26, 2005


PV05 had three main goals:

  1. To build a computer laboratory in the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union Language Training Center. The laboratory, equipped with donated English teaching software, will be used to enhance teaching capacities of the center.
  2. To train 10 English teachers for 2 weeks in using the software to teach their students.
  3. To train 20 high school students from the local high schools.

We implemented Project Vietnam 2005 (PV05) by organizing a two-week trip to Ho Chi Minh City, from June 12 to June 26, 2005.


  • Building the computer laboratory:

With 13 computers donated by the Boston Consulting Group, the SEALNet team built the laboratory in the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union Language Training Center. Within the first two days of PV05, we completed assembling the computers, setting up the internet connections, and installing English teaching software.
The software donated by various corporations all over the world are: Accelerated English, Active English, BetterAccent Tutor, TraciTalk, Tell Me More,, and

  • Training the teachers:

Our technology team, led by freshman Jiun Haur Wang, conducted lessons for one week to train the teachers at the Language Center how to use the software and other online resources.
On the second week, the team observed the teachers teach their own students and took notes. When the classes were over, our team provided feedbacks on the teachers’ teaching methods, and how they could improve for the next lesson.
By the end of PV05, our technology teams composed a guidebook with useful tips on how to best use the facilities provided. The content of the guidebook was compiled from notes taken by all the team members who had worked closely with the teachers over the two weeks.

  • Training the high school students:

Our training program consists of leadership workshops, public speaking courses, facilitating discussion skills, and how to start their own social ventures. Three months after PV05, the students started three initiatives to raise funds for the poor community, tutor street children, and organize music concert performed by the blind artists.

Looking ahead

With such success from PV05, we are planning for Project Vietnam 2006, through which we apply the model of PV05 for project sites in Vietnam, Thailand, and possibly Cambodia.