Project Vietnam 2007
When: Tuesday 19 June 2007 – Saturday 30 June 2007
Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Project Leaders:

Daniel Greer
Clarissa Lin
Tu Ngo
Misha Tran
Contact: pv07-leaders [at]


  • The 15 May School, a school for street students, needs a new approach to vocational English training. Based on the alumni’s experiences, without solid English conversational skills, street students lack one of the major skills to compete for job opportunities in the hospitality and service industries.
  • The 15 May School’s past English programs have not been effective in helping students acquire more job opportunities due to its overemphasis on the details of grammar and structure rather than the importance of conversational skills.


  • To build a sustainable vocational English program for 80 students from grades 6 to 9 in 15 May School. With the knowledge and skills gained from the program, students will be able to apply for part-time jobs in the hospitality industry or continue on to higher education.
  • To conduct leadership training for 15 May alumni and top high school students, who will then create a peer counseling network and organize other service projects for the street students in the future.


  • Building the English teaching model (under the guidance of an ESL expert):
    • Compose a basic curriculum on vocational English. The curriculum will focus on conversational skills while still preparing the students for the local English certificates.
    • Gather teaching materials, including textbooks and English learning software, and develop interactive activities.
    • Train 3 teachers to use the materials, work with them to refine the curriculum, and have a local ESL expert periodically follow up with the teachers after the SEALNet team leaves Vietnam.
    • Configure 15 May School’s computer lab to complement the teaching and other materials.
  • Inspiring the street children:
    • Conduct leadership training for 15 May alumni and top high school students in the city. These students will then provide coaching and form a peer counseling network for the current street children in May 15.
    • Form Trios: one SEALNet member, one high school or alumni mentee, one 15 May street student. Each Trio develops close relationships through workshops and discussions. The ultimate goal will be to make the street children excited about studying our vocational English program and to motivate all students to believe in themselves and to take more initiative to achieve their dreams.

Local Partner

  • The 15 May School ( is a school and shelter for street children from the poorest area of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The school provides primary and secondary level schooling free of charge to over 250 students in the area, as well as shelter for 30 children who have nobody to care for them.
  • The street children mostly come from poor families who left rural areas searching for opportunities in the city.
  • 15 May will ensure the program’s sustainability by being responsible for any related funding other than the teaching materials that SEALNet will provide and by supervising the classes. 15 May’s career services will take an active role in connecting students with companies.

Team Member Responsibilities

Before we get on the ground:

  • Participate in the planning process for the English curriculum and gathering materials.
  • Help prepare curriculum for the leadership workshops.
  • Be responsive to project leaders to finalize logistics.

When we are in Vietnam:

  • Conduct leadership workshops.
  • Mentor either a May 15 alum/high school student throughout the project and play an active role in Trio discussions.
  • Work with our ESL expert to facilitate discussions with 15 May teachers to better tailor the curriculum to the students’ needs.