Project Vietnam 2008
When: Tuesday 1 July 2008 – Saturday 12 July 2008
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Project Blog:

Project Leaders:

Vy Huynh: vyhuynh.lse ‘at’
Nhung Nguyen: bcnhungnguyen ‘at’

Local partners

  • The 15 May School ( is a school and shelter for street children from the poorest area of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The school provides primary and secondary level schooling free of charge to over 250 students in the area, and it also acts as a shelter for 30 children. The street children are mostly from poor families who left rural Vietnam in search of opportunities in the city.
  • In 2007, SEALNet helped to start a three-year English programme for 80 students from grade 6 to grade 9.


  • Despite having a solid program set up last year with good teachers, the students have started showing signs of boredom in the Vocational English classes. This has resulted in a fall in attendance due to lack of motivation
  • In addition, the school is running a basic computing program for 50 primary students. However, due to the lack of equipment, the students have not gained enough necessary basic IT skills


  • To help students feel more interested and excited about learning English.
  • To improve the quality of the elementary computing program
  • To motivate and empower the local youth with leadership skills to step up and serve local communities. This will be done by establishing a strong and stable relationship between the school and local high school students


English program:

  • SEALNet wiill work with high school students to design plans for 2 motivational programs: 1. English competitions and performances once every 2 months to excite 15 May students and and give them a chance to practice English; and 2. weekly tutoring to help 15 May students on their English homework. The high school students will run these 2 programs after SEALNet leaves.
  • Set up relationships between 15 May and various restaurants and businesses in the city that can be potential employees of 15 May students. During our projects, these businesses will give talks to 15 May students on potential job prospects and how English can be useful.
  • Integrate English-learning software and develop interactive activities for their curriculum

Computing program:

  • Compose a handbook in accordance with the official textbook used at the school.
  • Install new computers and interactive simple software
  • Work with the teachers to refine the handbook and run a trial class.

Leadership training:
Conduct leadership training for 15 May alumni and top high school students in the city. These students will then establish a strong link with the school, provide coaching and form a peer counseling network for the current street children in 15 May or make use of these skills for their own projects.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Participate in the planning process for the English and Computing programs, and leadership workshops
  • Collaborate with high school students to build a model for the motivational campaign
  • Work with the local IT teachers to facilitate their teaching and encourage use of the handbook
  • Maintain the mentor relationship with local high school students after the project ends

Skills Needed

We are looking for a diverse and dynamic group with different ideas in motivating people and who are enthusiastic about working with children.