Project Vietnam 2014

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Aug 3 – Aug 17, 2014

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Executive Summary

Our project focuses on “Self-Belief Development” and aims to work with two main groups: Vietnamese children living in shelters and Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students.

For the children living in the shelter, we aim to bring out the best potential in them by connecting and motivating them on a personal level. Through multiple approaches, from camping to community service activities, we hope to nurture in them the firm belief that they have the capacities to pursue their dreams and succeed in life just like anyone else.

For the high school students in Vietnam and Cambodia, we look forward to building a platform where students from both countries can be empowered to become social change agents and inspired to enhance cross-nation collaboration. Under the close guidance of the mentor team and through a variety of leadership workshops, as well as interactions with the children living in the shelter, the high school students are encouraged to leave the project feeling confident in their ability to step up and take action for their causes. What is more, in an attempt to sustain the project’s outcomes, by the end of PV14, a Cambodian student will be paired up with a Vietnamese student to come up with a proposal for Project Cambodia 2015 and submit to SEALNet for approval. After going through the evaluation process, the winning team will have the chance to execute their plan and lead a project in Cambodia in the summer of 2015.

Community Problem

Children in care shelters: Ho Chi Minh City has a number of shelters that take care of children who fall victim to poverty and/or violence. However, due to lack of funding, well-trained staff and facilities, the majority of these shelters are unable to provide enough attention to facilitate the children’s development. As a result, although they have a place to live and a school to go to, many of the children in care shelters are still subject to feeling ignored and left behind in society. This results in the children having a lack of focus on school and thus, holding onto a bleaker view of their future.

Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students: The academically intense life at high schools in Vietnam and Cambodia makes it hard for students to pursue non-academic interests. The majority of Vietnamese and Cambodian students cannot afford the time to participate in extracurricular activities, thus are prone to a lack of soft skills and of social engagement. Another aspect is that a number of students in SEA countries still do not quite grasp the benefits and spirit of volunteerism and community service.


For the children living in shelters:
– Encourage them to believe in their ability to move forward and upward in life
– Help them realize the value of receiving from and giving back to their community
– Create long-term connections and support between the children and the project members

For the Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students:
– Equip them with soft skills and access to youth development resources
– Inspire in them the spirit of making social change
– Enhance cultural understanding and bonding between the two nations


a. Leadership Training (intensely in the first week)
– Organize workshops and group activities to train leadership skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, teamwork, etc.)
– Create challenges that allow students to apply what they have learned in the first week into designing activities that involve the children from care shelter in the second week

b. Community Outreach (intensely in the second week)
– Involve the children from care shelter in educational workshops (music, science, English) and personal reflection and connection-building activities
– Organize a two-night camp that focuses on enhancing the sense of self, of explorations and team bonding
– Run a charity kitchen where the children and project members will cook together and distribute the food to children living on the streets

c. Cultural Exchange
– Homestay Program: the Cambodian students will be arranged to stay overnight at a Vietnamese student’s house for two days to get real experiences of local life
– Cultural sharing sessions and performances

d. Sustainability:
– Set up a SEALNet Club in Vietnam where the mentors and high school students in Vietnam can continue working with the shelter and execute other post-project plans
– Engage Cambodian students in the existing SEALNet Club in Cambodia
– Pair up Cambodian and Vietnamese students, and encourage them to work on a project proposal for PC’15. The winning pair will be supported by SEALNet to carry out their project in Cambodia in the summer of 2015.

Team Member Responsibilities
  • Actively contribute to the project planning process from April to July
  • Fully committed to participating in all activities during the two weeks of the project
  • Fundraise at least $300 towards the cost of the project (Please understand this is not a participation fee. With this fundraising challenge, we hope to involve you more in owning and making this project happen, not just us project leaders or SEALNet.)
  • Give us your best shot! Take initiatives! Take action! Have fun!
Skills Needed
  • Steady responsibility and commitment before, during, and after the project
  • Interest in youth empowerment and community engagement
  • Willingness to open up, connect with people, face difficulties, learn and try new things
  • Experiences in teaching, organizing leadership training, or working with underprivileged children would be a plus, though not compulsory
Project Leaders

Tran Bao
Maro Chhum
Email: pv14[at]