SEALNet’s Youth Leadership Summit 2016 (YLS16)

Singapore, Singapore
June 26 – July 3, 2016

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Application Guideline

Executive Summary

Having worked in Southeast Asia and sponsored more than 40 projects in 11 years, SEALNet has successfully planted the seeds of service leadership in countless young leaders, who soon will become prominent voices as well as passionate service leaders for their communities. Recognizing this driven energy in the youth of the region, SEALNet continues the work of collaborating like-minded peers for a better service network across Southeast Asian countries.

The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) is a one-week-long service leadership training program that aims to create a platform for Southeast Asian youth leaders to connect and interact with their counterparts from across the region and to build a strong network of youth service leaders through this shared experience. Not only will participants engage with and learn from one another, but will also discover more about themselves and grow as leaders under the guidance of experienced SEALNet mentors and alumni from around the world.

With the objective of transforming our participants into ready and able project leaders for the year 2017, the following application is targeted for first to third-year university students – or one year prior to graduation – of Southeast Asian nationalities and ethnicities who are passionate about our region and its development and who are driven to turn their service project ideas into reality.

We highly encourage past SEALNet members to apply and get reconnected with SEALNet and our extensive network in order to prepare and become future service leaders.

The central theme this year is sustainable service leadership.

Why should you join?

You should join to:

  • Participate in a series of service leadership training;
  • Expand your knowledge of Southeast Asia through not only your peers but also professionals and experts in the region;
  • Experience cultural exchange with fellow participants;
  • Work in a group of young, dynamic students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Develop friendships that go beyond borders and time;
  • Be inspired, ready and able to lead your own project after the summit, including the chance to lead a SEALNet summer project in 2017.
Who can join?

We are looking for candidates preferably with the following qualities:

(*Note: These are part of our preference rather than a requirement.)

  • Are recent high school graduates or 1st to 3rd-year university students or 1 year prior to university graduation at the time of the application.
  • Are of Southeast Asian nationalities and/or ethnicities.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership potentials and passion for Southeast Asia development.
  • Have service project ideas to initiate.
  • Are active, open-minded, and eager to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds for possible collaborations after the summit.
  • Have preferably had past SEALNet experience (either as project mentee, member, supporter or volunteer).
Who will cover the cost?

All on-site expenses will be covered by SEALNet.

However, you are expected to cover your own travel fare to Singapore. In addition, each participant is responsible for fundraising $200 USD towards the summit. Please note that this fundraising contribution is NOT a participation fee. In case of extenuating financial circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more details on financial aid.

How to apply?
  • The application can be found here. It is open between 21 February and 6 March 2016.
  • Your application must be submitted to us online by 11:59 PM (GMT+7), 6 March 2016 for consideration.
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