SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 (YLS17)

Bangkok, Thailand

July 30th – August 5th, 2017


“SEALNet YLS Program is an effective incubator in which aspiring Southeast Asian youths will be equipped with the necessary skills, mindset and support system to turn their ideas and passion for service into impactful actions.”

We recognize two needs for such a platform like YLS Program to be formed:

  • First, the rigid educational system in Asia generally, or Southeast Asian specifically, puts so much emphasis on academic performance that it does not give students enough space for building soft skills and nurturing creativity. Being too burdened with schoolwork also prevents students from gaining necessary awareness about social issues in their surrounding communities or in their countries (This is particularly serious in the context of Southeast Asia, where most countries are still in their developing stage and social problems are rampant). Consequently, these youths graduate from school to become passive employees rather than agents of change – initiators, leaders or creators – those who are willing to take action for causes they care about. The YLS Program hopes to address this problem by creating a space for students (high school and early year college students) to gain more soft skills and be exposed to urgent social issues in the region, as well as potential approaches and necessary mindsets to initiate social change.
  • Second, Southeast Asia is going through a critical development stage where cross-border collaboration is more important than ever. 2016 witnessed a time where more and more countries are seeing each other from a viewpoint of fear and separation instead of understanding and unity. For Southeast Asian countries to respond to such threats of breaking apart, we need to come together and collaborate more closely in different aspects of our development strategies, especially in terms of building future generations. YLS Program, therefore, aspires to contribute to such unity by training and connecting aspiring Southeast Asian service leaders.

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SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 Application is NOW OPEN!!

We, SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 Go-Team, would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your interest in taking part in making changes in Southeast Asia through various actions with us.

Our SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2017 (YLS17) Application is officially open!

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